Highway For Health

Prevention of childhood obesity starts in the early years, in the home with parents, family and childcare providers. An imperative for getting started early, is education! Our goal includes educating parents on understanding food labels, reading ingredients listed on packaging and avoiding the "dead aisles" of the grocery store when at all possible.

Our Story

Danielle Girdano is a Certified Master Personal Trainer, who received her Certification at the Prestigious Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX.

Our goal is to raise awareness and support for Childhood and Adult Obesity. Danielle Girdano will begin an endurance bike ride across historic Route 66, starting in Chicago and ending in Los Angeles while bringing attention to the epidemic of childhood obesity in the US while attempting to break the current US and World record.

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Childhood Obesity is an epidemic that can be eradicated.

Our goal is to raise awareness for, and support the fight against Childhood and Adult Obesity.

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