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Danielle is the best trainer I have ever had the privilege of working with...

"Danielle is the best trainer I have ever had the privilege of working with. She is focused and dedicated to Helping all of her clients achieve their goals. No matter how many clients she has you feel like you're her only client because she cares so much about your success!!! She not only works on transforming the body but she transforms your mind as well!!! In the short time that i have worked with her not only have i come outside my comfort zone with exercise, i have started to eat healthier, felt supported, and most importantly, ive had a positive shift in my attitude and my belief in myself. If you are serious about changing your life then Danielle can and will help!!!!"

- Lynne Kaska

Danielle is an excellent motivator!

" I have known Danielle for 3 years and she has not once look down on me or tried to tell me I was over weight. When I saw what she has done with her life in the past couple years and the remarkable change for a healthy life I was inspired with a drive I'd never felt before! When I asked her to help me to go on a diet that was healthy and give me the results I wanted, she put me on the right path to wellness. She ask me for my eating habits and then gave me well documented nutrition plan adjusted just for me. Then she explained the plan in such a way I could understand and made me confident that she knew what she was talking about.

Then when I decided that I needed to exercise and get my body back in shape, I ask her to be my personal trainer. Danielle is an excellent motivator! She knows her way around the human body and can tell you which muscles does what and how they work. Danielle will get you to push your self to your limit but not go beyond it and hurt your self! She started working with me one and a half months ago and I have lost 23 lbs. I feel not only healthier, but better about myself. My coworkers give all kinds of compliments!!

I would recommend Danielle to any one that needs her help!!"

- Brenda Katherine Stowe

I've been running marathons for about 7 years and had been feeling burned out...

"I've been running marathons for about 7 years and have been feeling burned out and in need of a change. I decided to try Danielle's boot camp in January 2011. WOW. She found muscles that I hadn't used in yearsand worked them to the max. Danielle changes the workout regularly so I never get bored repeating the same workouts, and she is always motivating during the camp.

It's been years since I've felt in this good of shape. I'm 57 years old and feel in better overall shape now than when I was in my 30's. Since I started the boot camp I feel more motivated to run and feel much stronger when I run. I look forward to getting my butt kicked every Tuesday & Thursday.

- Mark Burgess

Danielle has been a great trainer and instructor for my personal health...

"Danielle has been a great trainer and instructor for my personal health and physical development. She is a true professional and is committed to making sure each person meets their goals. Danielle completed a nutrition assessment for me. She then provided a great roadmap for exercise and weight loss. I would highly recommend Danielle to all my friends and associates."

- Regina Burns

She is both challenging and caring

"Danielle Girdano has a comprehensive training program with exercise and nutrition. She is one of the most knowledegable people I've met in the field and I have learned so much from her in our personal training sessions as well as her seminars. She is both challenging and caring -- and so thorough in helping me accomplish my goals with a custom diet and exercise plan that targets my problem areas and 'gets the job done'! Her expertise, personal experience in weight loss and enthusiasm for what she does set her apart from any other trainers I have had contact with. I appreciate how she motiiivates with commitment to her individual clients and helps empower us to learn new habits and understand our bodies and why we should exercise and make healthy food choices. Above all, Danielle is a giver-- who tirelessly shares her passion for' being 'the best you can be' to all she teaches and trains."

- Dawna Debter

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